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Heart’s Blood

Writer Ivor Irwin published the free-verse poem Heart’s Blood on his blog. For some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Maybe it’s because my subconscious was trying to tell me that it could make a cool blues tune. Then I reworked it into what you hear. Stelazine, in case you’re wondering, is a drug used to treat people who hallucinate.



“Heart’s Blood” is the seventh track of the album You Are Elevated.

Guest Performances

Colin Kovarik drums & percussion
Geoff Kovarik bass guitar


Your heart ain’t just a bloody pump
’cause there’s heart ache, heart burn, hearts on fire.
There’s them who’ve got no heart at all,
heart break, hard heart, heart’s desire.
I never crossed my heart, I never hoped to die,
but an attack on a heart could make a heart expire.
They had to lay me flat and crack me open.
They hooked me up to a heart machine.
They gifted me an endless void.
There are memories gone that won’t reconvene.
They filled my veins with someone else’s blood
but they didn’t gimme none of that Stelazine.
So now I dial up numbers that are stuck in my mind.
I hear alarm clocks ringing from far away.
I know what’s mine is mine but there’s someone else there;
thoughts imported for my mind to weigh.
My corpuscles carry the strangers around.
They’re tapping to a beat I can almost play.