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Momma And Red

While the story is fiction, the restaurant was real and the barbeque superb. Don’t go looking for it, though. The real Red died several years ago.


Guest Performances

Spencer Jenich electric piano
Tyler Berg drums & percussion


Ol’ Red had a shack between KC and St Lou’.
He spent a whole lifetime honing his ’que.
He was normally mean in the foulest of mood
but people drove for hours for a taste of his food.
His employee was Dora; she waited on folk
Red was out back in the hickory smoke.
Dora closed up each day but there was more work ahead.
She took care of Momma who was dying in bed.
Momma’d warned her about going to work for ol’ Red.
Child, why can’t you work at the dime store instead?
Red didn’t know that Dora’s momma was ill.
They’d had a thing for each other and he harbored it still.
Back in the day when their love was taboo
Red called everything off before anyone knew.
It took a few years but her momma moved on
and Dora came later but her papa had gone.
As Dora grew up there were questions she asked.
Momma said, “I’ve known love but that was long in the past.”
One day at the job Dora opened a drawer,
found a photo of Momma not familiar before.
“Red I need you to follow me back home today,”
said Dora knowing her momma was slipping away.
Dora got them together, together at last
Red and Momma held hands and then Momma passed.