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The Eagle And The Crow

Is it Friday yet?



“The Eagle And The Crow” is the final track of the album You Are Elevated.


My duties all exceed the time I spend with you
but I’m saving up a minute at a time.
I’ll gamble them away against your good advice.
I’ll wind up with a penny for my dime.
How can I let the bourbon blur another night
when soon the sun will reignite the sky?
Will I be in any shape when I refuse
another whopping slice of humble pie?
Even freebirds can’t afford to fly
for flying’s sake itself, you know?
They’ve got their daily work to do
and an eagle is no different from a crow.
I’m planning to torment the strings on my guitar
but the long day ends much sooner than I think.
What’s the use in trying to recuperate?
The long tomorrow starts in just a blink.
Can you remember
the last time you had a moment to yourself
without it gettin’ stolen away?
Do you remember the feeling of being free?